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    How 2U Process your order:


    1.Delivery time:

    2U offers SAME-DAY DELIVERY service when you place your order successfully before 11:59am(Noon). If you fail to order before 11:59am, 2U would automatically deliver the order the next day. Normally 2U delivers between 7pm - 10pm from Monday to Firday (Except holidays) .If you order after 11:59am (Noon) on Monday to next Monday 11:59am, 2U would deliver to you at Monday night.


    2.Delivery Process

    If you placed your order successfully, you would receive a confirmation email immdiately and also an reminding text messages in the afternoon. When delivery staff arrives he/she would call you to get the order. Please provide your name, delivery address and phone number correctly so that your order won't be lost. If you can not be at home during our delivery time, please inform us in advance.


    3.Service areas:

    Current service areas are DC and Northern Virginia.


    4. How are out-of-stock items handled?

    Sometimes an item you ordered will be out of stock at the grocery store. If this happens, your shopper may substitute it to same kind of item with close prices, or may contact you before they check out to see if you want a replacement or not. If they can't find a replacement, you will be refunded for the out of stock items.



    *2U is not responsible for delivery delay or delivery failure upon following reasons

    1.Cutomers fail to provide correct & complete contact information
    2.Cost of repeat delivery because of absence of customers when orders arrive
    3.Natural disaster, traffic accident, road close, war etc